EyezMaze Grow Island walkthrough

EyezMaze Grow Island walkthrough

I can see that a lot of you guys is seeking EyezMaze Grow Island walkthrough. New readers – Grow Island is a flash game made by EyezMaze – we have mentioned it before, just follow the link.

So at very last I’ve decided to publish here Grow Island walkthrough (which can be named also Grow Island guide, Grow Island order,  Grow Island answers) for those of you who are too lazy for winning it by themselves.


If you want to feel the satisfaction of winning the game by yourself stop reading right now!

For the normal ending of Grow Island you have to click on the elements in this order:

Grow Island standard ending order

  1. Mechanical (Bolt)
  2. Civil (Pickaxe)
  3. Architectural (Logs)
  4. Aeronautical, etc (Steering Wheel)
  5. Environmental (Smoke Stack)
  6. Electrical (Battery)
  7. Computer (Chip)
  8. Chemical (Beaker)

Voila – you have just finished the game (and lost The Game, kekeke) – watch how your fully developed island lives in harmony and stuff.

But wait! There is something more! There is a hidden UFO ending in Eyezmaze Grow Island. And clicking order for this secret ending you will find below.

Grow Island alternate ending order

  1. Automotive
  2. Civil
  3. Architecture
  4. Computer
  5. Electrical
  6. Mechanical
  7. Chemical
  8. Environmental

Congratu-ALIEN-s – you have just found Grow Island alien ending and you can watch dancing aliens. Great job – you have just made humanity go extinct.

TL;DR You are kidding, right?

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