Grow Island Eyezmaze Flash Game

Grow Island Eyezmaze Flash Game

Ever wondered if you’re fucked up… I mean skilled enough to be an engineer? Or maybe you already made a decision that you want to become one? Are you sure? Think again. Career in engineering is blood, sweat and tears! Forget about life you know and get ready for hell on earth – endless war with numbers and formulas. You will be alone against Forces of Nature, trying to harness them and bend reality to your will. You will have to struggle with budget cuts, limited supplies, ecologist activists, too creative designers, fatal errors, power shortages… Not mentioning a grue, wild goblins, snotlings and other creatures dwelling at the dark corners of the office. So think once again if you really want to challenge the gods and become an engineer ;)

In the meanwhile you can check your intelligence and analytical skills, personal qualities essential for good engineer, playing brilliant game from GROW seriesGrow Island. The idea behind this series is simple but gives a lot of possibilities. You click on element you want to add to the environment of the game. The element then appears inside it and affects others elements already placed in – they ‘grow’ up (raise their level) and sometimes interact with each other. To win the game you need to click each of the elements in specific order, so all of them in the end will reach max level. Your task in this specific GROW game is to develop the island from deserted land to perfect society of the future (I’m not sure if this is what the creator of the game [Eyezmaze] would say but, hey – it’s not his site ;) ). There is also an hidden bonus ending – an alternate path of development. If you want to play click on the link below (it will open i new window) and the click on the GROW ISLAND link.

Grow Island by Eyezmaze

UPDATE: Grow Island walkthrough for all of you who have problems with winning it alone.

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