Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome strangers! Come closer and take look at wicked reality of our minds. Don’t come too close however – something can bite you. Or swallow you whole. Oh, and beware Jabberwocky – he drop over sometimes. So do Grim Reaper. And Pedobear. In fact it would be better if you won’t come. Shu! Off you go!

So you dare to enter? All right then – here it comes – you have been warned!

Hello World Post

*stage bathed in lights*

Hello World! Here we come – fresh, new, full of potential, naive and ready to conquer The Web. Julius Caesar style conquest – “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. All your Internets are belong to us. You will be assimilated! For the Greater Good! And for free beer!

*backstage whisper*

What do you mean “we won’t get free beer”?!

*vigorous backstage whisper*

Oh, I see… Where were we… Ah, yes, Greater Good and stuff. And for free beer at every first Friday of the Month!

*backstage whisper*

FFS! Again… And for ONE and only one, damn you budget cuts, free beer at every first Friday of the Month! I hope you are happy now you stingy asshole!

*16 tons weight drops on speaker. Just like at Monty Python’s Flying Circus – as seen on TV! *

16 Tons Weight from Monty Python's Flying Circus

16 Tons Weight from Monty Python's Flying Circus

*Eddie Izzard appears on the stage*

No one liked that bastard, anyway! Here’s the deal – the authors didn’t pay me enough to read all this rubbish aloud so you’ve to imagine my voice when you will be reading it all. It’s fucking stupid in my opinion but you won’t get anything better then this.

*Izzard walks off grumbling something. Curtain falls.*

Who are you guys, anyway?

That’s what are you thinking right now? We suggest you to check About and FAQ sections. It probably won’t help you, but theoretically those pages should contain some useful informations. At least mercenary gnomes hired to create it promised so. You may even finds something interesting there. Maybe even funny – not like next part of this post.

100 and 1 ways to say Hello World

for programmers

Well, not exactly 101. Not even close to to be honest, we are too lazy for that. But we had to put here something for computer geeks, this post is named “Hello World” after all. So here it comes!

Let’s begin with something classic:


program hello;

Writeln('Hello, world!');

Now we are leaving ancient history – future is here:


#include <iostream>

int main()
std::cout << "Hello, world!\n";

And especially for UserFriendly.org readers:


print "Hello, world!\n";

If we mentioned Perl we couldn’t ignore:


echo "Hello, world!";

And last but not least:


document.writeln('Hello, World!');

For all of you who reached end of this post we have small curiosity.

Semacode Hello World made for Google earth
Semacode Hello World made for Google earth

From hello.w0r1d.net:

“Hello, world!” is a real installation for the virtual globe of
the software Google Earth. A Semacode measuring 160 x 160 meters was mown into a wheat field near the town of Ilmenau in the Land Thuringia. The code consists of 18 x 18 bright and dark squares producing decoded the phrase “Hello, world!”.

TL;DR Hello World!

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  1. Jędrzej says:

    And I hope you will forgive us some polish-only articles. But it will be fun to get them google translate into English. Maybe after that our content will have sense…

  2. Jędrzej says:

    And please, everybody knows that Jabberwocky IS Pedobear. The first one is his name before THE INTERNET.

  3. Gucio says:

    I`ve read few of articles on your blog and can say it was really interesting, thanks for sharing that.

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