The Art of Making Excuses

The Art of Making Excuses

I could just write that lately we don’t have much time, vein, ideas etc. and that’s why we didn’t write anything new. But that would be just boring, wouldn’t it? Instead hear our thrilling story of  epic battle between Light and Darkness, Order and Chaos, Good and Evil… If you can’t tell on which side were Ideas Den, wonder no more – on both.

Correspondence from War Zone

Welcome to the front line of war! We have just survived Gamma goblins attack on our servers. Many has fallen during heroic defense of our DreamHost server. Cpt. Atom need recovery, but he will be all right… eventually. We hope it was last Goblin tribe which we had to deal with and now we can rebuild our devastated infrastructure, as remaining goblin forces will flee in despair. Everything started with bombardment of DreamHost datacenter by United Earth Directorate together with Protoss Battle Fleet (including mothership). When the dust settled and we tried to negotiate with them (“WTF R U DOING?!”) they said something about Zerg infestation and need of “cleaning it up”. And then I said “That’s no moon. It’s a space station!” when Death Star arrived on Earth low orbit. Luckily Kerrigan Zerg Swarm jumped out of Hyperspace and horde of Scourges destroyed Emperor’s Palpatine big toy before it could fire it’s magnificent  laser upon us. That was close, I tell you. UED and Protoss get tied in the fight with Zerg forces, so we could try to retrieve our data from ashes. But nuclear bombardment sponsored by UED has awaken Goblins tribes sleeping just below the Earth crust. And so it began, raid after raid, goblins tried to wipe us out from DreamHost datacenter ruins. At least they are divided into tribes which hate each other, so we don’t have to fight them all, as they exterminate each other whenever they encounter not their own tribe members. So far we’ve made to extinct Bad Moon and Da Kult of Speed and, hopefully, Gamma Goblins tribe. If there won’t be any more attacks until next morning we would assume that goblin invasion is over and we can go back to posting. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Much more interesting excuse, don’t you think? ;)

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