Fuck You Google

Fuck You Google

I was trying to access Google Books and when I needed it most (I’ve to do quick research for my studies) I get my IP banned and “we’re sorry” page. WTF?! Sorry my ass, you rich, Big Brother son of a bitch. I’ve needed you and you’ve failed me – go fuck yourself. May your servers explode and may you vanish from surface of the Earth. Steve Ballmer was right. “I’m going to fucking kill Google.”

Fuck you Google

Yeah... Sorry my ass, you prick!

Update: Of course today, when I didn’t need access, Google Books worked just fine. Yay! Murphy’s Law won once again!

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3 Responsesto “Fuck You Google”

  1. Ctp. Atom says:

    Google owned you, dude.

  2. KJB says:

    Ojojojojojoj!!! :O

  3. KJB says:

    Ojojojojojoj! Się poirytował Niebieski! :p

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