Black Velvet – beer cocktail of the day

Black Velvet – beer cocktail of the day

Las night we discovered kick-ass drink. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce… Oh, snap! Cut! We need to warn you first because it’s not a soft drink. Kids, remember – don’t drink and drive. It’s bad for ya and you will disappoint Uncle Sam. Now, we don’t want to disappoint Him, bearded badass, boss of the USA, destroyer of the worlds, lord of the board, doom of the terrorists, master of disaster, servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor (or was it Gandalf? another bearded badass?) etc. etc., want we?

Uncle Sam wants you to not drink and drive

Kids, remember - Uncle Sam wants you to not drink and drive!

Ok, you’ve got the idea I hope ;) Back to the merits of the case. Ladies and gentlemen hereby I present you:

Black Velvet

One cool drink. It’s beer cocktail to be more accurate. Simple and cool – need something more? Below you can see snapshot of the awesome Black Velvet.

Black Velvet drink

Black Velvet at it's best

What is the recipe of this fine drink? Here it comes:

For dark part:

Guinness, stout, porter or any other dark and bitter bear

For light part:

Champagne, sparkling white wine, cider or perry

If you’ve got original ingredients half fill a glass of your choice with Guinness and gently pour the champagne over the back of a spoon so the liquid runs down the sides. In this way you will avoid mixing of two liquids (at least in theory – it’s not that easy). If you want you can swap dark and light layers. If you will replace champagne with cider or perry it will be called Poor Man’s Black Velvet. In our version we’ve used sparkling white wine and porter beer. Of course we couldn’t manage to avoid mixing of the liquids so we just had Mixed Black Velvet – you can call it blasphemy if you want, but it was delicious, anyway :]

Something for history geeks:

Black Velvet was invented at Brooks’ Club, St James’s Street, London, in 1861- to mourn the sudden death of Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria. In Germany, it’s also known as the Bismarck – the Iron Chancellor supposedly drink it in large quantities. It don’t surprise me – it’s gorgeous :)

Yesterday we have seen three movies drinking this miracle all night long. Concerning movies:

  1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – it sucks
  2. The Men Who Stare at Goats – epic comedy
  3. Grindhouse vol. 2: Planet Terror – awesome pastiche

That’s all folks! For now ;)

TL;DR Try Black Velvet if you are legal ;)

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10 Responsesto “Black Velvet – beer cocktail of the day”

  1. Cpt. Atom says:

    So we have to drink Pruszcz Mayor’s Black Velvet.

    Wolverine sucked, but the beginning war scenes were awesome. Mutant human-cats versus Nazi! It must be epic!

  2. KJB says:

    So that’s HE! Hero of Monday, Black Velvet – my enemy. :>

  3. Cpt. Atom says:

    No, it’s your best friend :>

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  5. Col. Porky says:

    Pruszcz Mayor’s Black Velvet- even that useless cunt made one..

  6. Latasha Lamantia says:

    Great article!

  7. party supplies says:

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  8. Raleigh Photographer says:

    I really enjoyed this article! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Lestat The Vampire says:

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Scott Pilgrim says:

    You’re absolutely right!

  11. Brian C. Leport says:

    Brian C. Leport wrote:

    For many years I was taught that the consumption of any kind of alcohol was incompatible with being a Christian. It was often emphasized that those who drink access a gateway to drunkenness. Even if Jesus turned water into wine, and Paul told Timothy to drink a little wine for his upset stomach, the reality was there was too much alcoholism in our world to even consider that these types of beverages could be consumed in moderation.

    While it is true that many lack self-control, and that alcoholism is a serious issue, it is equally true that you cannot create a general rule about something that when used in moderation can be seen as a gift of God. We all know too much food can kill you but we still like to eat! We must start our discussion of alcoholic beverages, especially beer, acknowledging that the worst scenario isn’t the only scenario.

    This is where Stephen Mansfield’s wonderful biography of the Guinness family is most helpful. In a world where the two primary drinking options was strong liquor or dirty water the Guinness family rose to prominence by providing a healthy alternative. What may now very well be the world’s most famous pilsner began as a saving gift of God.

    As Mansfield shows the Guinness family has had ups and downs. There have been successes and failures, saints and sinner, and all that comes with the world of business. Nevertheless, the arch of the story is a family that used wealth and power to bring a healthy beverage to the masses, jobs to those in need, philanthropy to the needy, and Google style employee benefits before there was anything known as Google!

    If you have ever wondered if God can use beer this book is worth your time. If you just happen to really like beer you will enjoy it as well. At the end I am sure you will close the book and say a little prayer of thanks for the goodness of this beverage and the family that made beer benefit society.

    Mr. Blue wrote:

    Cool story, bro! Jesus

    Cool story, bro!

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