Mega Piranha

Mega Piranha

There are couple of movies that have to be watched not for the great plot, OST, cast or special effects. Those films have other advantage – they are madly awesome!

Mega Piranha – official trailer

Giant bloodsucking, flesh-eating, multiplying, flying fishes from Brazil? How cool is that?

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21 Responsesto “Mega Piranha”

  1. KJB says:

    Yyyy…. But music is not so bad… ;D

  2. Cpt. Atom says:

    It is performed by Tiffany –

    The same person from the cast. But I don’t think that you will be able to buy OST in music stores :>

  3. ash says:

    0;21 .. unforgetable face…
    -there;s giant pirania
    -wtf man? to many weed..


  4. ash says:

    no more fishmac’s …

  5. Cpt. Atom says:

    No! Let’s eat more of them. It is our only chance to beat those monsters…

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