Kids Are Evil – Drama Queen

Kids Are Evil – Drama Queen

If you don’t know it already I’m here to educate you. The kids are evil – those Satan’s bastards are most malicious creatures walking the Earth. For the most of the time they look innocent and sweet in order to confuse you. Sometimes, not often, they true form can be seen. Remember that “The Ring” movie evil, little, dark-haired girl?

The Ring evil girl

The Ring evil girl - would you trust her?

That’s what I’m talking about. In fact those obviously evil children are not any danger to anybody. You wouldn’t go with this girl to the dark woods alone for example. Unless you’re not really mental stable, but that’s the different story ;) The most dangerous ones are the kids who looks innocent, with sweet little faces, smiling and talking like they were made of sugar (so sweet that you can literally vomit) and at the same time they are wicked and nefarious. Hmm… All kids are wicked (I tell you!), so all kids are dangerous… Nevermind. The point is that those little beasts can strike you when you least expect it. And, to make things better, you can be backstabbed by your own children! Look at this sweet, little girl who makes her mommy some serious troubles with law enforcer (policeman ;p ). Watch the

Drama Queen

See this smile on this little monster “innocent” face? I told you! Oh, and btw – this video is Young Director Award 2010 commercial

TL;DR Kids are evil!

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