Fully disjunctive reasoning

Fully disjunctive reasoning

Here a easy question for you – Jefferson is looking at Teresa, but Teresa is looking at George. Jefferson is married, but George is not. Is a married person looking at an unmarried person?

  • A) Yes
  • B) No
  • C) Cannot be determined

Choose wisely. Know the answer? The rest of this post is written in white, so push Ctrl + A. Scroll down for answer.

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You choose C, cannot be determined answer, right? So you are wrong!

The right answer is A. “What the heck?”, you may say. But let see how the situation looks like. We know, that Jefferson is married, but George is not. We don’t know if Teresa is married. But if she is married, then she would be looking at unmarried person – so answer A. If she is not married, then Jefferson is looking at her – so answer A. Tricky, uh?

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